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Photocell (Automatic) Shutter

These photocell doors, which are located in every building, are known as automatic sliding doors. It is located on the upper parts of the photocell doors. The photocell system creates a photocell door. It reveals the photocell system with photoresistors. Photoresistors change their values ​​according to the light environment. It is generally made of cadmium sulfide. The value of this resistance varies depending on the light intensity exposed. The resistance value increases the lowering of the light value. The photoresistors in these photosensitive sensors resemble the human eye.

What is a Photocell Door? What are the benefits?

In general, designs made with glass or visible stainless steel chrome frame glasses provide easy transition. These automatic door systems, which are produced for energy saving, instantly detect you when you enter the transition area and open automatically. You do not need physical strength to open the door. Effortless and easy to use, photocell door systems are compatible with all decorations due to their aesthetics. The movement of these doors, which keeps the business image constantly looking new, depends on the photocell. For this reason, it minimizes heat loss.

It is also preferred with its silent and optional operation feature especially in areas where entrance and exit are dense. There are some details in the working system of these photocell doors. We can list these details as follows;

Detection System

This system, known as radar, detects the object approaching the door. In this photocell system that works with infrared and microwave frequencies, when the object is detected, the low voltage electrical system is sent to the control panel. This is the first step in working logic.


Management System of the Control Panel

This system part is the main brain of the door. There are some functions used in the management part of these doors. The most common of these are the normal mode, that is, on-off feature. In night mode, the photocell door can remain open continuously, and when the open mode is preferred, the door will not be opened or closed. In winter mode, the wings will open halfway. In this way, very important rates of heat can be saved. For example; In systems with E100 control panel, these systems that can be used as integrated to the computer can be controlled remotely in this way. The control panel is located inside the main body profile, which corresponds to the interior of the door.


Wing Profiles System

In the wing profiles system, the main material of which is aluminum, the weight of the wings will be directly proportional to the performance of the automatic door. This will ensure that the system runs smoothly. For example, a door using 4 mm + 4 mm glass can have a transition height of 2200 mm. The weight of a single wing can range from 50 to 60 kg on average. Since automation is a double wing, it is important that it can carry 100 to 120 kg wings.


Motor and Steering Group Photocell Door System

In general, the most important part of the system is the engine and the executive group. Decoder motors are used a lot today. The executive group and the engine work interconnectedly. In this system, which has a directly proportional performance, parts such as speed adjustment and weight adjustment are determined according to the performance of the engine and execution group.